Speech Recognition in Pathology

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Speech recognition adoption in pathology sits between radiology and cardiology. Adoption has taken years to catch on but appears to be reaching its stride with more than one-in-three participants in our research stating they use a speech solution. This bests cardiology which saw significant gains as well but still struggles to clear the one-in-four mark. Why the disparity between these two groups of providers? While both groups cite speech solutions not being accurate enough as the top reason for resisting adoption, this doesn’t appear to hold pathology organizations back as much as it does in cardiology.

When Will Adoption Occur

Find out the expected adoption timeframe for all those who currently don’t have a speech recognition system in place.

Market Presence

See which vendors appear to have the strongest market presence when dealing with speech recognition among pathology organizations.

Reasons for Resisting Adoption?

What are the main reasons that keep pathology organizations from adopting what seems to be a fairly common technology?