Speech Recognition in Radiology

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What happens when a market matures around technology that fills a very real need? High adoption becomes the norm, industry leaders emerge, and inevitably some begin to dull as the shine of the latest and greatest technology wears off. In addition, there is always a small segment of the market that stubbornly holds out like a grandpa with a flip phone who makes a point to let everyone know how smartphones are overkill. This is the speech recognition market in radiology.

First Time Adopters

Radiology organizations are often among the first to adopt new technologies. We take a look at which vendors are winning the most first time adopters.

Market Presence

See which vendors appear to have the strongest market presence when dealing with speech recognition among radiology organizations, and who is gaining more ground in the space.

Reasons for Resisting Adoption?

What are the reasons that keep those remaining few radiology organizations from adopting speech recognition?