Speech Recognition Trends in Radiology | 2016

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What happens when a market matures around technology that fills a very real need? High adoption becomes the norm, industry leaders emerge, and inevitably some begin to dull as the shine of the latest and greatest technology wears off. This describes the speech recognition market in radiology. However, we see new trends taking shape this year that are sure to be of interest to speech recognition stakeholders. In this collection we received feedback from 375 healthcare leaders in radiology departments and diagnostic imaging centers across North America, allowing us a deep dive into the speech market in radiology regarding Net Promoter Scores, replacement rates, potential net growth, and more.



Supplier Net Promoter Scores

How do providers in radiology feel about their current speech solutions?

Adoption and replacement rates

The speech market continues to expand, even in radiology. Find out where new growth and replacement opportunities exist.

How to shore up “at risk” contracts

Providers are very clear how speech suppliers can save shaky contracts. It’s all in the data.