The Future of Telemedicine

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In recent months we’ve had thousands of providers engage with the Research Cloud. One question they provide insights on is that of emerging technologies, and which ones would be most useful. Telemedicine typically makes the shortlist. Recently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced plans to increase reimbursements for remote visits. Naturally, a few questions come to mind. Who is aware of the CMS news, whether telemedicine is continuing to gather steam, what the adoption rates are, which vendors they are using, and what the benefits are to name a few. But perhaps most importantly, are patients even interested and will they use such an option?


Find out how many physicians and other C-Level executives were aware of the CMS’ expanded telemedicine reimbursement announcement.

Effect of Announcement

Given the potential for increased reimbursements, how many organizations feel it would speed up their telemedicine adoption?


What does adoption look like among our participants? And, of those currently using telemedicine, what kind of solution are they using?