The Merger: athenahealth + Virence

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Mergers and Acquisitions are becoming the new normal in healthcare, but Virence merging with athenahealth might take the cake in terms of being unique. A quick History lesson…

In July, Veritas Capital acquired GE Healthcare’s revenue cycle, ambulatory care, and workforce management product lines, and then several months later rebrands it as Virence. On November 12, it was announced that Veritas Capital and Elliott Management will take athenahealth private and merge it with Virence. Given the magnitude, and relative uniqueness, of this M&A event we decided to use our Research Cloud to collect feedback from affected (and interested) hospitals and clinics, and during the week of November 18th, 2018 we collected research from 150+ organizations. This is their story…


This research uncovers how aware the market is about this M&A event. Results are broken out by customers and by non-customers.

Market Impact

This analysis focuses on the probability the newly combined company will attract, or repel, new business.

Customer Impact

This research reveals how many athenahealth and Virence customers will stick around and how many plan to run to a competitor.