The State of Medical PPE in America

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75 healthcare institutions (representing hundreds of facilities) from around the USA participated in our research during a 10 day period in mid-May 2020. Participants came primarily from two decision making leadership groups – clinicians (CMOs, CNOs, and Nursing Directors) and operations (procurement, materials management, and supply-chain). The focus of this research was as follows:

1) Ascertain the relative importance of PPE coming from USA-based manufacturers.
2) Learn what PPE is most critical at present.
3) Uncover which PPE supply shortages are the most acute.
4) Investigate the payment terms shift from Net 30/60 to up-front payments

Domestic PPE

Learn why 99% of hospitals and clinics want to diversify their PPE supply-chain with USA-based manufacturers.

Most Critical PPE

Which specific PPE (gowns, N95 masks, face shields, gloves, etc.) do clinicians and other decision makers feel is most critical for their organizations.

PPE Shortages

Discover where medical PPE shortages are the most dire for hospitals and clinics.