The State of Mental Health in America

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Recently we’ve been noticing a disturbing trend – political tribalism, more and more overdoses, unhealthy amounts of screentime, and similar social dysfunctions. These types of trends often fuel the research we do with providers, vendors, health plans, and life sciences companies. Some of the questions we’ve heard, and conversations we’ve had, deal with mental health issues and why they appear to be on the rise. Our Research Cloud® provided immediate access to the right individuals who shared their insights to these critical questions.

Are Mental Health Issues Increasing?

We hear a lot about it in the news or everyday discussions, but what do the experts actually think of the increase in mental health issues?

What are Possible Reasons for Increase?

There has always been difficult times, economic uncertainty, etc. So what’s different today that would cause an increase in mental health issues?

Is There Enough Support?

Find how much support the experts feel they receive from payers, government agencies, and even their own provider organizations.