Trends in Clinical Lab & Digital Pathology | 2015

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When a patient enters a hospital or physician’s office, the expectation (or hope, anyway) is for a quick and accurate diagnosis. Are today’s laboratories allowing physicians to diagnose and properly treat their patients? Laboratory information systems (LIS) are of ever-growing importance in today’s healthcare landscape. From genetic and molecular testing to digital pathology systems, labs are more complex and contain more patient data than ever before. In this data collection, over 350 providers spoke up about the current state of the LIS market, the type of service and functionality providers need from their LIS vendors, and where providers plan to go in the future.


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Providers’ likelihood to stay with current vendor

We asked providers to rate their likelihood to recommend their current vendor. Let’s just say it is critical that lab vendors understand how they can keep their customers happy.

What LIS vendors can do to avoid getting replaced

Two items topped the list of how LIS vendors could keep customers from switching to a new vendor. What makes providers want to switch and who in the hospital infrastructure is making that call?

Digital Pathology on the rise

A high-level look at providers’ plans to purchase Digital Pathology as well as current market share and mind share of digital pathology vendors.

Genetic and molecular testing: from novelty to necessity

As scientists and clinicians continue to increase their understanding of the human genome and the possibilities of personalized medicine, genetic and molecular testing are of growing importance to providers