Trends & Insights in Ambulatory EHR | 2015

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Like many other segments of healthcare, ambulatory care is growing and adapting at a very fast pace. By and large, this is positive for patients but comes with growing pains at the expense of providers.

We were happy to see the widespread adoption of EHRs and successful attestation of Meaningful Use Stage 2 among these facilities. These are good indicators ambulatory care is ready for primetime, with significant demand among patients and growing. On the supplier side, vendors are stepping up their games to provide integrated solutions such as EHR and practice management systems. Will the day come that inpatient care will actually take a “backseat” to outpatient care? For now, no, but in the meantime, consider some of the most relevant insights in ambulatory EHR.

Ambulatory EHR Graph #1

Ambulatory EHR Graph #2

EHR market share & mindshare among ambulatory providers

How do EHR vendors fare in market share and mind share among ambulatory providers? See the results segmented into overall, hospital-owned facilities and independent care centers.

Provider recommendation scores for EHR vendors

How likely are providers in this space to recommend their EHR vendors? We asked and they spilled the beans.

Top challenges providers face with their current EHRs

How can EHR vendors increase renewals and win new contracts? Focus on these high-level issues.

EHR’s influence over practice management systems

Clue: The dog (EHR) wags the tail (PM systems).