Trends in Medical Imaging Technology | 2015

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Medical imaging is one of those segments in healthcare that has been (and is still) advancing extremely fast but not always fast enough for providers. With these advancements come considerable improvements to workflow as IT solutions are now status quo. Technology advancements in PACS and now with an increasing adoption of VNAs, much higher volumes of images can be captured, analyzed, shared, and stored. Unfortunately, in some cases, this is actually increasing the workload of imaging professionals. We know, sounds counterintuitive…
improved workflow equals increased workload. And the cycle continues until some providers are at the end of their rope, especially as reimbursements for most imaging studies head south.

We reached out to 554 high-level imaging decision-makers across the country, representing 15% of imaging departments and asked them to name their favorite imaging IT and modality vendors. What makes some vendors the “best of the best,” we have the answers.


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Most exciting advancements and technology in medical imaging

What revs providers’ engines? What new tech are providers most excited about?

Vendors driving the train to new technology

Which vendors are going to capture the market for new and advancing technology? Providers already gave us the answers.

Favorites in modality and imaging IT

Which vendors are providers willing to recommend and what makes them stand out?