Walmart’s Medical Clinics

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Walmart recently announced that it will open stand-alone facilities to offer primary care, dental, optometry, counseling, lab tests, X-rays, hearing, wellness education, and behavioral health. Prices will be transparent. Patients can pay cash, and insurance will be accepted.

We reached out to individuals from provider organizations asking them to share their opinions on what Walmart is doing, as well as their thoughts on how effective Walmart could be as a healthcare provider and how they believe this will have an impact on their organization.


Being in the data business, we’ve gotten good at guessing what the results might be on any given study. However, we must admit, we were a bit surprised at how few providers knew of Walmart’s new plans.


As with every big announcement we cover, we’re always looking to find what the impact will be on providers. Although it’s close, the majority feel traditional provider clinics have need to be at least a little worried.

Following Suit

Once a new trail is cut, it doesn’t take long for others to follow and make it the standard norm. This study looks to uncover who might be among the first organizations to follow suit on Walmart’s new path.