Will mHealth Drive Patient Engagement?

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Because smartphones are ubiquitous in the average American’s life, patient engagement through smartphones seems a logical step. Over the past several years hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in mHealth companies. As healthcare providers seek ways to improve outcomes in the face of healthcare reform, and accountable care organizations and outcomes based on payment become inevitable, providers need ways to help patients stay engaged.

During the past two weeks of March 2015, we gathered market insights on mHealth from 257 CMIOs, CMOs, marketing management, and patient access leaders. These hospital leaders provided excellent insights into what they are currently doing about engaging patients, what their plans are for the future, and what vendors and solutions they are looking at to help them.

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Patient engagement via smartphones is critical

84% of those surveyed indicated that patient engagement via smartphones is critical.

Technology is lagging

Although healthcare professionals feel smartphone compatibility is important only 20% indicated their current system is smartphone compatible.

Slow adoption

30% of respondents said they will be implementing mobile compatibility but not for at least another year.


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