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SmartData is that nerdy kid who used to do your homework.

Scratching the surface of SmartData:

Market Trends

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Market Trends

Identify opportunities and mitigate market risks by staying current on shifting trends in your segment of healthcare. Whether you're a small best of breed supplier or a large enterprise contender, our data comes straight from decision makers: C-suite, VPs, directors, physicians, nurses, and much more.

Replacement Market

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Replacement Rates

Healthcare companies very often operate in high-churn markets where the cost of losing one client is significant. With our replacement market data, you can discover the strengths and weaknesses of your top competitors and find out who is winning and losing the deals.

Provider Hot Buttons

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Provider Concerns

Get a read on provider organization fears, frustrations, opinions, and goals . . . from the C-suite, VPs, directors, caregivers, and other personnel. The days of relying on generic research reports and anecdotes from sales reps are over. SmartData lets you enter the mind of your target market.

What Organizations Are Buying

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Where's the spend?

Is your target market buying more or less this year? What exactly are they going to buy? Who is going to win, who is going to lose, and why? SmartData gets you these answers and helps you forecast purchasing trends by region, title, organization type, and more.

Total Addressable Market

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Size Up The Market

Is demand for your products growing, declining, or stalling? Is there real growth potential among new buyers or are opportunities mainly replacement deals? Answering these questions gives perspective on the total market opportunity.

Vendor Ratings

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Supplier Ratings

SmartData gives you access to realtime Net Promoter Scores on you and on your competitors, with sample sizes that are typically quite a bit larger, and more reliable, than those found in static, generic C-Sat rankings from market research firms.

Drill Down & Get Specific

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Drill Down to Any Audience

What’s your bread and butter? IDNs, AMCs, Children's hospitals, Critical Access, or maybe independent physician groups? Reach your ideal audience by filtering title, organization type, size, budget, and more.

Market Research Reports & Analysis

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Premium Content & Analysis

Sometimes you're too busy or just want a 3rd party perspective. For this reason we package a lot of our SmartData into white papers and infographics. Don't worry, we keep our writing and analysis fresh...and a bit snarky.

Marketplace Branding & Recognition

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Recognition in the Marketplace

Publish the positive. With a SmartData subscription, you can use data to highlight your brand’s strengths in sales presentations, marketing collateral, or on your website. Positive results shouldn't go unnoticed.