Who Let The Trump Out?

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Two months ago, when President Trump was inaugurated, it was clear that one of the first issues to address was the repealing of the Affordable Care Act. Being such a hot topic, we were interested to hear what individuals that actually work in the healthcare industry had to say.

In just under three weeks, our Research Cloud gathered 1,700 responses from healthcare leaders around the country. They answered questions like; “What will replace the ACA?” or, “How well do you think Tom Price will do?” and a few others.

Since gathering the data some big events have transpired, namely, Trump says, “Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated,” (indicating a lack of confidence from the big man and his new team) and the Republican healthcare repeal plan was overwhelmingly shut down.

Any normal company trying to gather research would likely be very discouraged that all their hard work has become obsolete in a matter of weeks. Not us. We love it. It means there is new data to be added to the Research Cloud.

We have again reached out to see how these events may have changed opinions among healthcare professionals. In about two weeks we will let you know what we find. Until then, check out our other Market Insights that cover many of the hottest trends in healthcare technology. https://www.reactiondata.com/public-research/

“I love the Research Cloud, believe me, nobody loves data like I do, and I get my data from the Research Cloud. It’s HUGE. Believe me.”

-Probably Trump when he sees this data

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